We're Still No Closer to Finding Jimmy Hoffa's Body

Add Michigan to Giants Stadium and Florida swampland as places where the dead Jimmy Hoffa is not buried.


The search for Jimmy Hoffa's body continued in Michigan on Friday and appeared to come up empty, again, according to USA Today.

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Authorities in Roseville, Mich. drilled six feet under the driveway of a home that belonged to a Detroit bookmaker and organized crime figure at the time of Hoffa's disappearance in 1975. But the core sample they pulled up appeared to be just clay and mud, said James Berlin, the town's police chief.

"The sample's muddy clay, so there's nothing visible that would indicate evidence of a body," Berlin told USA Today. "We'll have to wait for the test results back from Michigan State."

The renewed search came after a radar scan of the area by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality showed an anomaly two feet below the surface of the driveway. That, plus an anonymous tipster who claims he saw what looked like a body being buried at the sight shortly after Hoffa's disappearance.

Unless the lab determines traces of human decomposition in the soil core, Friday's lead will be the latest dead end in the 35-year search for Hoffa, a former president of the Teamsters union. Hoffa disappeared from a restaurant parking lot in suburban Detroit on July 30, 1975, and the mystery surrounding his whereabouts has dragged on ever since.

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