Democrats Long-road to House Majority

Steve Israel pushes forward despite signs that point to a Republican majority in the 113th.

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And while Democrats weren't likely to win in Arkansas, they don't even have a dog in the fight in the 3rd District after the Democratic candidate Ken Aden dropped out amid media reports that he had falsely claimed to be a Green Beret.

Of course Republicans aren't without their own set of quirky election-year kerfuffles.

Michigan's 11 District Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, who served in Congress for nearly a decade, was forced to resign and abandon his race after his campaign falsified signatures in an effort to make it on the ballot.

Now reindeer farmer, Santa Clause impersonator, and Tea Party candidate Kerry Bentivolio will lead the charge, but the race has gone from Republican-leaning to toss up.

With fewer than 50 days to go, however, the Democrats are the one's who have to work overtime; the Republicans are in the majority.

And Israel admits Republicans' promise to spend between $80 to $100 million against his candidates keeps him up at night.

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