NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Talks Gay Marriage, Bountygate and Replacement Refs

NFL commissioner discussed a variety of topics facing the NFL at a Washington lunch Wednesday.

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On how to make tailgating better: "To me it, it starts with making it safer. When you go to a stadium, you want to feel safe. When you're rooting for the other team, you want to feel safe. You want to wear your jersey and shout for them and make it clear where your loyalties are without having a beer thrown at you or without having a negative experience."

On why TV blackouts still persist: "Well, because it's worked, very simply. We're the only league to stay on free television, we've grown in popularity. 96 percent of games are sold out, so we're doing pretty well, it's been a nice balance between getting people into stadiums and remaining on free television."

On whether he'll ever run for elected office: "No"

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