Death by China Seeks to Make China a Campaign Issue

'Death by China' says cracking down on China will bring back jobs and prosperity for America.

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"I'm fine with it. If the American people can't provide me with what I need, I gotta get it from China. It is what it is. I am just being truthful," says one such shopper.

Lee hopes the film will move people to pay more attention to the ramifications of their purchases.

"It does make a difference if you buy products that are not made in a democracy and don't respect workers rights," she says.

In addition to asking for more mindful shopping, the film urges viewers to press their politicians to take "top down" action with policy measures that would crack down on China's trade malfeasance.

"With Congress, we can't really get a vote on currency manipulation," says Ryan, who says he talks about the issue often as it directly affects his district's manufacturing community.

"I hope the movie is a catalyst to ramp up the kind of enforcement that is necessary and inspire a long-term strategy recognizing that China is here to stay and they are going to play hard for the foreseeable future."

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The AFL-CIO will be working with local labor unions in Ohio to bring people to the screenings, and Congressman Ryan also attend one of the Ohio showings.

After the swing state tour, the film will open nationally, and those involved hope it will become "a key presidential issue," as Navarro puts it.

"We are actually trying to leverage policy here in a very dynamic way. We're not just throwing this movie out here."

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