Unresolved Obstacles Loom Ahead of Democratic Convention

Charlotte and the Democratic Party have serious political and logistical issues as convention nears.

Julian Castro

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has been chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 4., 2012.

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"(Duke Energy CEO) Jim Rogers and (former Bank of America CEO) Hugh McColl were the faces of the city's proposal," says Szmer. "I'm not sure why that corporate presence was necessary for their case, but those two made it happen."

The convention has faced logistical setbacks as well. In June, Democrats announced that CarolinaFest, the Charlotte showcase festival planned around the convention, would be moved from the Charlotte Motor Speedway to uptown Charlotte, disrupting transportation and retail plans for that area. The event might be hampered by North Carolina law as well, because state law forbids the sale of alcohol on Sunday and on Labor Day, local vendors will be unable to sell or restock their shelves before the convention. A bill aimed at changing that has not passed the state legislature.