North Korean Mystery Woman Is Leader Kim Jong Un's Wife

State-run media reports mystery woman is leader's wife, ending weeks of speculation.

Kim Jong Un
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The attractive mystery woman who has appeared with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in public recently is his wife, Ri Sol Ju, according to a state television broadcast.

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For weeks, local and international media speculated on the identity of a woman who accompanied Kim on tours of a school, an amusement park, and an imitation-Disney concert. The announcement indicates the North Korean leader may be slightly less secretive than his late father, Kim Jong Il, who never revealed his children or companions, female or otherwise, during his 17-year reign.

The younger Kim is still no open book, however. It's unclear how long he has been married or even how old he is, though most believe he is in his 20s.

Earlier this month, Kim's secrecy made headlines again when he dismissed his top military official, Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho, due to "illness." Vice Marshal Ri, the chief of the general staff of the Korean People's Army, was thought to be a close adviser to both Kim Jong Un and his father.

Korean media have speculated that Ri's dismissal, along with other personnel changes made since Kim took over in December, indicate he is consolidating his power.

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