Birthers Back: Obama Papers 'Undoubtedly Fraudulent,' Arizona Sheriff Claims

President's U.S. birth certificate 'undoubtedly fraudulent,' says Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.


No, seriously, President Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fake.

That's the claim of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office, which says it conducted a nine-month investigation into the long-form birth certificate the White House released in April 2011, Fox News Latino reports.

Arpaio's Maricopa County "Cold Case Posse," led by Mike Zullo, announced at a press conference Tuesday that the certificate is "undoubtedly fraudulent" based on interviews with a local registrar who signed the document and analysis of Hawaii law.

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"My hope is that the U.S. Congress will take over from here," Arpaio said in a statement. "We have pointed out some inconsistencies, or oddities, relating to the President's birth certificate. Taken one by one they may not be terribly concerning. But put them altogether [sic] and they paint a picture of deception that requires federal inquiry."

The office's conclusion was based on review of Hawaii Department of Health policies, which it contends are lax in regards to birth certificates, and an interview with 95-year-old Verna K. Lee, who "allegedly signed and coded the document which Obama says proves his birth place as Hawaii," according to the statement. Lee shed light on the coding present on the certificate, which the "Cold Case Posse" found to be incorrect and therefore evidence of the document's alteration or fabrication.

Hawaii officials again confirmed the validity of the certificate.

"President Obama was born in Honolulu and his birth certificate is valid," Joshua A Wisch, a special assistant to Hawaii's attorney general, said in a statement.

Arizona Democrats called the report a stunt to distract attention from problems in Arpaio's office, including reports that the sheriff's department failed to adequately investigate a significant number of sex crimes and charges that the department uses racial profiling and excessive force.

Arpaio and other "birthers" allege that Obama was born in Kenya, and therefore should be ineligible to run for president of the United States. Their insistence originally pressured the White House into releasing the long-form birth certificate. Tuesday's allegation was met with approval my one longtime birther, real estate mogul Donald Trump.

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