Bringin' Sexy PAC, Raptors for Jesus, and America's Super Campaign Finance Joke

America has embraced super PACs for satire, absurdity, and even political fundraising.


Stephen Colbert with Trevor Potter, the architect of the comedian's satirical super PAC.

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The son of liberal financier George Soros, who has publicly denounced super PACs, will soon create a super PAC aimed at fighting the influence of super PACs, the Washington Post reported yesterday.

"We openly acknowledge the irony of being a super PAC trying to address money in politics," Jonathan Soros said in an interview in with the Post.

The younger Soros insisted, despite the irony, that the group, Friends of Democracy, is a serious endeavor. But the popularity, or perhaps absurdity, of super PACs has inspired many less serious iterations of the outside spending groups.

[GOP Groups Dominate Super PAC Landscape]

This trend perhaps began with comedian Stephen Colbert, who created his own super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, one year ago. Since his pioneering effort, eight groups have formed with the words "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" in their name. They range from the relatively reasonable, like San Diegans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, to the decidedly less so, such as the most recent, Raising Awareness of Dihydrogen-Monoxide for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. There's also a surreal derivative group, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Yesterday.

Colbert's influence is even more visible in group that filed last month called We Just Want Stephen Colbert to Come to Our College Super PAC. Strangely enough, neither its filing nor its website of the same name mentions the college in question (the closest college to its address is St. Mary's College of Maryland).

Here are some more super PACs that, intentionally or not, seem to follow in Colbert's absurd footsteps:


Everyone's Favorite Group/Socially Acceptable People Who Have Happy Funtime Ideas & Team

Test PAC Please Ignore

Sam Vs. The Machine (filed by a guy named Scott)

From One Alien to Another Alien "Lil Wayne" Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (whose filing form is too good not to link to; the FEC was not amused)

Why Not ZoidPAC (A reference to animated show Futurama)

Super Ninja PAC



Raptors for Jesus

Dogs Against Romney

My Cat Xavier for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Bears for a Bearable Tomorrow


Bringin' Sexy Political Action Committee ("Bringin' Sexy PAC")

Talkin' Smack PAC

Joe Six PAC

Have-Nots Unite! Half-Knots Untie!

Unintentionally Funny:

Democrats Against the Reelection of Barack Obama

Expatriated Patriots

The Caucasian Consciousness Movement

North American Association of Subway Franchises

Mitt Is Mean – the Animal Lovers Against Romney Committee

Committee to Stop Using Sticks and Rocks to Make Fire, Except for BBQ

The Internet (Reddit's super PAC, which had raised $100,000 at last filing)


Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles Super PAC (filed on July 4)

Marylanders for Better Americans in Maryland

Americans for a More American America

America's Super PAC for the Permanent Elimination of Super PACs

The Frag Out Marketing Liberty/Justice for All Super Mega American Dream PAC-Merica USA

Patriotic Americans for a More Patriotic and American America

Americans for an Unamerican America

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