Romney Gets Booed During NAACP Speech

Mitt Romney gets points for making an appearance but endures boos at NAACP event.


In addition to citing Republicans' general social policy positions as alienating black voters, Fauntroy also highlights Romney's opposition to the healthcare reform law as problematic.

"The overwhelming majority of people who do not have insurance in this country don't have it because they don't have the economic means to get it. So then if you look among who are the poorest people in the country, you are talking about black and brown people," he says. "So when you say you want to abolish Obamacare, you're saying you want to take healthcare away from them. That's not the type of thing that's going to resonate with black voters."

Fauntroy adds that when it comes right down to it, voters tend to pay attention to personalities more than politics, and there Obama has the distinct advantage.

"So anybody that opposes Obama is going to be in a tough position amongst African-American voters because how many African-American voters support the president," he says.

Vice President Joe Biden is set address the group on Thursday.

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