Spike Lee, Harvey Weinstein, Pitt Family Weigh In 2012 Election

A roundup of what celebrities are saying about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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There's no denying that Hollywood heavyweights Spike Lee and Harvey Weinstein know how to make a movie. But do they have a clue about what's going on in Washington?They're not the only famous names talking politics lately. Brad Pitt's mother put in her two cents in as well in a pro-Romney, anti-gay marriage editorial.[ See a collection of political cartoons on the 2012 campaign.]Spike Lee: I support Obama, but this election is going to be closeThe African-American director of Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing opined on Mitt Romney's Mormonism and how gay marriage relates to the civil rights movement in an interview with New York Magazine posted to its Vulture blog Sunday. Of President Obama's 2008 victory, he said:
It was one of the greatest moments in American history, and people really felt that moment. I think all those emotions were honest—black, white, and brown. People would cry, and some in disbelief, some in joy, some in euphoria. America had reached a point that many people, black and white, thought would never, ever, ever, ever happen. And this was the epitome of how great we are as a country, and the world saw that.He also recounted how once met Mitt Romney in an airport. "I was just in D.C. and he was there and he said, "What's up, Spike?" and I said, "What's happening, Mitt?" We were in line getting something to eat. So I said what's up and shook hands."[ See a slide show of 10 celebrities who give big to Democrats.]Harvey Weinstein: Obama is the King's Speech, Mitt Romney is Our Idiot BrotherRachel Maddow had the Miramax co-founder on her show Friday to talk about the fundraising gap between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Weinstein, an Obama bundler, explained why he wasn't worried by comparing the 2012 rivals to two films that his studio spent the same about of money on. Romney is Our Idiot Brother, which grossed $25 million, he explained and Obama is The King's Speech, raking in $140 million and multiple Oscars, including Best Picture. ""You can spend all the money in the world, if you have a bad product it doesn't matter," Weinstein told MaddowHe also explained why Sheldon Adelson should thank Obama, not raise funds against him, and why Republicans are out-fundraising Democrats. "People are confident on the Democratic side...We have a president who speaks and speaks to the issues, they have candidate that says nothing."In addition to fundraising for the president, Weinstein is reported to have "basically closed the rights deal" to a film based on the Osama bin Laden raid, entitled Code Name Geronimo. The movie is rumored to on track for a pre-election release, causing conservatives to accuse Weinstein of exploiting the raid to boost Obama. The release date of another Bin Laden raid movie, Zero Dark Thirty, by rival studio Sony Pictures (and directed by The Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow) was pushed back to Dec. 19 after similar concerns were raised.[ HBO Doc Takes a Hard Look at the Long-Term Unemployment Crisis]Mama Pitt: Christians Should Not Be Turned Off by Romney's Mormonism The Springfield News-Leader published a letter to the editor last Tuesday by Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt's mother, imploring readers to not discount Mitt Romney because of his Mormon views (in response to a letter defending Christians who do just that).
I think any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.Doug Pitt, brother to the two-time People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive, appeared on the Today show Monday to promote his Virgin Mobile commercial. When he was asked about the editorial written by his mother, he said, "Moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different?"[ See a slide show of 10 celebrities who give big to Republicans.]Brad has been vocal about his support for same-sex message, but, according to Doug, in the Pitt family it is "open discussion. We can learn from each other and if anything it solidifies your point, or maybe you can learn something."If only the rest of the country was as civil.