Freshman Republicans in Congress Here to Stay

Conservative state legislators back home making it easier for GOP class to stay another term in House.

Bobby Schilling
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While it's likely to pass in the House, the measure has virtually no chance of ever coming to a vote in a Democrat-dominated Senate, but Ray says that is not the point for many of these freshman Republicans.

"They were voted in on the promise to do that, and they are following through on that. You cannot control what goes on in the Senate," Ray says. "Just because Harry Reid doesn't support it doesn't mean it is not the right thing to do."

But while legislatively, the freshman Republicans in the House don't have much of a resume, Kondik predicts many of them will continue to serve for years to come.

"I don't know if the legacy of this particular Congress is going to be very good," Kondik says. "I don't think that there is much of a legislation legacy, but I think the story of this group is still being written."

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