Health Care Decision Expected Thursday

The Supreme Court will hear final opinions and vote on the bill later this week.

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The Supreme Court will issue its decision on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

The constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is at the top of the Supreme Court's undecided cases heading into summer recess.

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The law, and in turn the decision, is a landmark case and the Obama administration's leading legislative effort, bringing several reforms to the table designed to bring health coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans.

In the spotlight for the Supreme Court's analysis of the bill is the individual mandate, which requires almost all Americans to maintain health insurance or be faced to pay a penalty.

The Supreme Court was busy in session Monday, announcing the decision to overturn an Arizona bill tightening the law surrounding illegal immigrants.

Following Thursday's decision, the Supreme Court will not meet until October.

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Corrected 06/25/2012: A previous version of the story misstated the Supreme Court’s expected actions on Thursday. The court is to release its opinion on the Affordable Care Act.