Interrogation Video Shows Zimmerman's Take on Trayvon Martin Shooting

Video posted by defense fund shows blow-by-blow account to police after Trayvon Martin shooting.


George Zimmerman told police he shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin during a struggle for his handgun, according to video posted by Zimmerman's online defense fund this morning.

The tape shows Zimmerman offering his account of the shooting to a police officer in an interrogation room the night of the incident. In it, Zimmerman tells an officer that Martin slammed his head against the ground, choked him, and told Zimmerman, "You're going to die tonight."

The video details Zimmerman's retelling of the struggle leading up to the gunshot, in which he claims he repeatedly screamed for help. At one point, as he and Martin wrestled, Zimmerman says, his firearm became visible on his right hip, and Martin reached for the gun. Zimmerman says he clamped Martin's arm against his body with his right arm, pulled the gun out himself, and shot Martin at close range.

Zimmerman's defense fund also posted written and audio statements to investigators on February 26, the night of his 911 call. Zimmerman was not charged until April 11. Before that time, he and his attorney began to solicit donations for his legal defense online, which has now accumulated more than $200,000. The fund saw a spike in donations after Zimmerman was returned to jail following evidence that he and his wife withheld the amount in the fund from a Florida judge setting his bail.

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