You Won't Belieb It: Behind Justin Bieber's Instant Concert Sell Outs

The concert ticket industry is one of the least transparent processes in entertainment.

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For Bieber's November 28 show at Madison Square Garden, there are about 2,600 available tickets on StubHub. Fans can sit in any section in the arena, in nearly any row. The cheapest tickets start around $135 a piece, barely 30 percent above face value, and fans can get within the first 30 rows for about $700 each (about seven times face value).

Scalpers will make—and pay taxes on—thousands of dollars in profit, and some Bieber fan's day will be made.

"The parents with money will fork over what the scalpers are asking," says Moms 4 Bieber's Wickline. "The rich kids will see Justin and the poor kids won't."

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