Wisconsin Recall Election Could Be November Preview

Gov. Scott Walker hopes to survive recall after a tumultuous 18 months in office.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
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Despite the massive fundraising that's come from out-of-state—more than $60 million, according to the Associated Press—there haven't been many particularly influential television advertisements, Burden says.

"A lot of people felt like the ads would not matter because people had made up their minds and the state is so polarized, and I think some of that money has been wasted," he says. One ad, however, depicting Barrett as a poor mayor of Milwaukee on issues like crime and unemployment has probably been the most effective, Burden says.

"It just raised concerns about the alternative to Scott Walker," he says. "In the end, this is an election between two people, even if collective bargaining or the budget becomes the central issue."

Turnout is expected to be as high as 60-65 percent, more than the number of voters that turned out during the 2010 election, but less than a typical presidential year.

Also on the recall ballot are four Republican state senators and the lieutenant governor.

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