Experts Skeptical of Romney's Defense Budget Plans

Fiscal conservative worries Republicans won't have stomach for federal cuts.


Coburn, who incidentally has endorsed Romney's candidacy, says his party lacks bold leadership on the overall issue of federal debt.

"When I am talking leadership, I'm talking sacrificial leadership. I'm not talking about standing up at a podium and calling people and saying, 'Listen, rah, rah, rah,'" Coburn said. "I'm talking about leading by example and we just don't have that today in our party or in our president or in our country at the political level."

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Coburn acknowledged the possibility that Romney--and other tough-talking Republicans--would fall short of the deficit-hawk rhetoric they are currently espousing.

"The big worry is say Romney wins, Republicans control the Senate and the House, and they do not step forward to do what is necessary to fix our country," Coburn said. "I tell you, that's the end of the Republican Party. I won't be a member of it."

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  • Corrected on : Corrected (5/29/12): An earlier version of this article misidentified the cost of Romney’s call for troop increases.