Video: 'Monster Sunspot' Emerges

NASA says there’s a 10 percent chance of a massive X-class solar flare within 24 hours.


A massive "monster sunspot" that's 11 times wider than earth has emerged and started launching strong solar flares, according to NASA.

NASA reported the spot early Thursday morning in what it turning out to be a very busy year for solar weather. In March, two powerful storms may have temporarily shut down military satellites. NASA scientists say the sun will continue to be volatile until the beginning of 2014.

NOAA says it's experienced intermittent radio blackouts and NASA predicts there's a 10 percent chance of a massive "X-class" solar flare erupting within the next 24 hours. X-class flares can cause havoc on civilian satellites and potentially on earth, shorting out electrical systems. Experts are reporting that the sunspot can be seen without the aid of a telescope.