LaGuardia, LAX Top List of America's Worst Airports

Some of the nation's most busy airline hubs feature mile-long security lines and crumbling infrastructure.

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If you're planning on doing any air travel in the near future, avoid New York's LaGuardia Airport like the plague. At least that's according to Travel & Leisure magazine readers, who ranked the Big Apple hub the worst airport in America.

Beyond on the usual muss and fuss involved with air travel, those flying out of LaGuardia have to deal with some of the worst check-in and security processes, the magazine's first-ever airport survey found, on top of iffy Wi-Fi connectivity, and poor design and cleanliness.

But LaGuardia isn't the only offending airport. Airports of all sizes and locales made the dubious list based on a variety of deficiencies singled out by travelers including scarce play facilities for children, and less-than-stellar spa offerings—have to spend those flight delays somewhere, right?

Here's a look at the five other awful airports:

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Los Angeles (LAX). As a major international travel hub with celebrities jetting in and out all the time, one would think the Los Angeles airport would be up to snuff, at least for Posh Beckham's sake.

But according to the survey, the location and cleanliness of terminals at LAX are less than star-studded. Add in poor staff communication and subpar baggage handling and this airport is due for a Hollywood-style face lift.

Philadelphia (PHL). Home of the Liberty Bell and the cheesesteak sandwich, Philadelphia has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, that doesn't include the city's international airport, dinged by travelers for an inefficient layout, grouchy airport staff, and long check-in and security lines.

The only thing worse than all that? Waiting for your bags. Philly's airport ranked 21 out of 22 in baggage handling.

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New York (JFK). According to the survey, just about the only thing "easy" about New York's JFK airport is getting a taxi. And you'll need one to get to the city center from JFK's location, which was ranked 21 out of 22.

Aside from that, you'll be doing a lot of waiting. For example, when you're through waiting in various check-in and security lines you can hurry and wait again for your baggage. Want to get some work done while you're waiting? Not likely—airport Wi-Fi signals are iffy at best.

Newark (EWR). New York metro area airports just can't catch a break. Although this Jersey-based airport scores better than it's brethren just across state lines, it doesn't have much to brag about beyond beating its New York neighbors.

Location played to Newark's favor, but proximity couldn't cancel out poor scores in design, cleanliness, baggage handling, and mile-long check-in and security lines.

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Chicago O'Hare (ORD). When winter storms aren't snarling flights out of this Midwestern hub, you can count on long check-in and security lines to trip you up and add that extra layer of travel-induced stress. The airport's layout didn't gel to well with readers either, who ranked O'Hare 17th for design, cleanliness, and overall location.

One bright spot? After all the trials and tribulations inside the airport, it's pretty easy to get out of it on public transportation.

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