Jefferson on the Bastille

Thomas Jefferson relayed his eyewitness account of the storming of the Bastille with shocking calm.


Monsieur de Monmorin is this day replaced in the department of foreign affairs & Monsieur de St. Priest is named to the Home department. The garottes of France & Leyden accompay this. I send also a paper (called the Point du jous ) which will give you some idea of the proceedings of the National Assembly. It is but an indifferent thing; however it is the best. I have the honor to be with great esteem & respect, Sir, your most obedient and most humble servant.

- Thomas Jefferson

P.S. July 21. Mr. Necker had left Brussels fro Frankfort before the courier got there. We expect however to hear of him in a day or two. Monsieur le Comte de la Liorne has resumed the department of the marine this day. Either this is an office of friendship effected by Monsr. De Montmorin (for tho they had taken different rides, their friendship continued) or he comes in as a stop-gap till somebody else can be found. Tho very unequal to his office, all agree that he is an honest man. The Count d'Artois was at Valecnciennes. The Prince of Conde & Duke de Bourbon had realized that place.

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