VIDEO: KONY 2012 Creator Responds to Critics

Invisible Children co-founder defends viral campaign against Ugandan warlord.


The hugely popular viral video campaign KONY 2012 shows no signs of slowing down, as it reached over 70 million views on YouTube this past weekend. Amid all of the exposure and outpouring of support from viewers, critics have questioned Invisible Children, the non-profit responsible for the campaign, since the video launched last Monday. They argue that the creators of KONY 2012 have simplified and exaggerated the facts about Kony and his group, the Lord's Resistance Army. Detractors also allege that Invisible Children is exploiting the situation in central Africa for economic benefit, and they have expressed concern with the group's cause of making Kony into a celebrity in the United States.

Invisible Children co-founder and KONY 2012 director Jason Russell responded to criticism on Saturday. See a video of his reaction below.