First Street-Legal Flying Car Unveiled

Luxury vehicle has "golf club compartment," foldable wings


The world's first street-legal flying car will be unveiled next month at the New York International Auto Show.

The "Transition Roadable Aircraft" is more of an airplane than a car, but its 26-foot wingspan can be folded to just under eight feet wide.

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Terrafugia, the company behind the Transition, says the car "combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any surface road in a modern personal airplane platform." The company will debut a prototype of the Transition at the New York International Auto Show between April 6-15.

Last June, the Department of Transportation granted Terrafugia an exemption paving the way to make the flying car street-legal. Its top airspeed is about 115 mph; Terrafugia plans to test the car up to 90 mph.

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The company is currently taking $10,000 deposits on the $279,000 car, which is classified as a "Light Sport Aircraft." The company hopes to have the vehicles in consumer driveways and/or hangars by the end of spring.

The Transition will seat two, has a special "golf club" compartment, a "tablet-computer compatible glove box" and will have room for carry-on luggage. It can also be equipped with a moon roof, auto pilot, and will come in one of five colors. The company says consumers can become a registered sport pilot in as little as 20 hours.