Key General: White House Briefed on Iran Target Options

Air Force chief touts 'bunker buster' bomb as former joint chiefs vice chairman casts doubts about hitting Iranian sites.

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As Washington seeks ever-tougher sanctions and Israel continues pounding its war drums about a strike this summer, Cartwright predicted global political dynamics will prevent a strike this year. "The likelihood that that's going to occur in a year when you're going to get a new Chinese government, a new French government, a new U.K. government," and possibly a new U.S. president, "stacks up pretty hard against kinetic action."

Some in Washington have begun debating whether a nuclear-armed Iran could be contained. Panetta has rejected the notion, but Fallon suggested it just might work.

"If [Iran] gets the capability, they're going to be in a box," Fallon said, because "if they ever try to use this, it's game over for them very quickly."

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