Just Exactly Who is Donald Trump Going to Endorse?

Trump whips up media frenzy surrounding endorsement announcement

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The way things are shaping up Thursday, it would be fitting for Donald Trump to announce his presidential endorsement in front of Las Vegas' Circus Circus.

The real estate and reality TV tycoon has politcos' heads spinning about who exactly he will endorse for the GOP nomination, with a number of various outlets reporting Trump will endorse either former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The hubbub began Wednesday evening when Trump tweeted about a major announcement concerning the presidential race scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

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Soon after, speculation ran rampant across the Internet on what exactly that announcement would be. By Thursday morning, there was hardly an outlet that didn't have a scoop on the fact that the announcement was an endorsement. But no one can seem to decide whether Trump is going endorse Romney or Gingrich.

The endorsement announcement is another example of Trump inserting himself into the political discussion. Trump dominated headlines last year as he flirted with a run for the GOP nomination, ultimately deciding against doing so in May. He most recently caused a stir when he planned to host a Newsmax debate in December. The debate was later canceled.

One thing that everyone seems to be sold on is that Trump will undoubtedly also endorse the new season of his television show, "The Apprentice," which starts Feb. 19.

Updated 2:45 p.m.: The Associated Press has confirmed Trump will endorse Mitt Romney.