Video: Mitt Romney 'Not Concerned' With Very Poor

GOP presidential hopeful says impoverished Americans "have a safety net."

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Just hours after officially cruising to a win in Florida's GOP primary, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spent Wednesday morning putting his foot in his mouth on national television.

In an interview with CNN, Romney said he wasn't in the presidential race for the "very poor" because they have "a safety net" in place.

When pressed about the comment by CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien, Romney clarified his statments, saying that he would fix any holes in struggling people's "safety net," and that the real focus of his campaign is "middle-income Americans."

"We have programs to help the poor, but the middle-income Americans, they're the ones who are really struggling right now," Romney said.

The GOP nominee hopeful also said he was not worried about the "very rich," saying "they are doing just fine."