Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary Decisively

Mitt Romney follows Iowa win with victory in New Hampshire primary.

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A conservative state with a large evangelical population, South Carolina wouldn't seem to be a natural stronghold for Romney but he has been leading in the polls there, again because of his argument that he has the business experience and expertise to strengthen the economy.

Huntsman made New Hampshire his make-or-break state. He has been living there for months, and has spent most of his resources there, banking on the state's history of supporting insurgents and surprising the pundits and the political insiders. But his pitch as a moderate who preaches comity isn't expected to go over well in South Carolina, a conservative bastion in nearly every way.

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Paul also has decided to focus on South Carolina, but will probably skip Florida, which holds its primary on January 31. Paul strategists argue that it will be more cost-effective and smart to focus on states with nominating caucuses, such as Nevada, where Paul's army of committed supporters can have the most impact, rather than Florida where vast sums of money are needed for TV ads and where the field is expected to be very fractured, with little chance for Paul to score a breakthrough.

Of the remaining candidates, Gingrich, Santorum and Perry have taken turns at the top of the polls in recent weeks but faded from contention. There is be little to suggest that any of them can make a comeback.

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