Bachmann's Decline: What Happened?

Perry's entrance into the race precipitated the congresswoman's decline.


Still, the Bachmann camp remains undeterred.

"In 2012 there will be another occupant in the White House. Who knows—maybe even another Michelle in the White House," the candidate told supporters at a caucus night event in West Des Moines, after it had become clear that her vote tally was well behind those of five other candidates.

Her supporters maintain the same dauntless optimism.

Bachmann "has to be true to herself" and continue espousing her staunch conservative values in order to win, said Sharon Gleich, a Bachmann supporter from Waukee, Iowa, at Bachmann's caucus event on Tuesday. "If she continutes to show commitment...I think the finances will come her way."

Gleich also believes that the congresswoman faces stiff headwinds in the form of media bias. "The media has marginalized her," says Gleich.

Regardless, she says, victory is within reach: "She can do it. If anyone can do it, Michele Bachmann can."

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