Authorities Step Up Action in Penn State Abuse Case

Sen. Bob Casey calls for urgent hearings on U.S. laws governing child sex abuse.

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At least one viewer was prepared to give Sandusky the benefit of the doubt, though.

Graduate student Stuart Shapiro recalled the "rush to judgment" in the 2006 case of three lacrosse players at Duke University who were indicted on rape charges but later cleared.

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"None of us know whether Sandusky's innocent or guilty. Once it goes to trial, we will find out what people did or didn't do," Shapiro said.

Tom Bradley, interim head coach of the Penn State football team, said he did not watch the Sandusky interview.

"I was working on Ohio State last night. I've got other things to do," Bradley said at a press conference. Penn State's Nittany Lions trave to Columbus, Ohio, to play Ohio State on Saturday.

The New York Times reported late on Monday that about 10 additional victims may have come forward, citing sources close to the investigation.

Two former university officials, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley, have also been charged with not reporting the alleged 2002 incident. They have also professed their innocence.

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