Gloria Cain's Body Language Revealed

Gloria Cain comes off honest, but relationship with Herman Cain comes off strained

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In her first televised interview, Gloria Cain revealed herself as what body language experts deem to be a woman removed from her husband's life, but sincerely convinced of his respect for women.

"Overall, this interview is going to help [Herman] Cain," author and body language expert Peter Meyers says. "Gloria is a quiet person, a warm person. She is willing to be interviewed out of duty, out of commitment to her husband and the complete lack of polish in her delivery makes her very believable."[8 Politicos Who Survived Scandals]

As Fox News' Greta Van Susteren fired her first question, Gloria Cain pursed her lips out of what body language expert and author Patti Wood explains is controlled anger at having to talk about the allegations.

Yet, experts agree that Gloria Cain's eye contact, while sometimes disconnected as she found a thought, was honest and easy to relate to.

The positioning of her body with her feet, legs and torso angled away from the interviewer indicated what experts call "a retreat". a level of discomfort in the topic, but not insincerity.

"Her arms are out in front of her hands, laying one over the other in her lap, which I call a blanket hand cross," Wood says. "She is protecting her pelvis, which signals her feeling like her sexual relationship with her husband has been exposed or attacked, but she is clearly not hiding anything." [Vote: Are the Herman Cain-Clarence Thomas Comparisons Fair?]

A rarity for political wives, Gloria Cain has maintained a private life even as her husband Herman Cain has campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination, surged in the polls and faced increasing scrutiny over allegations of sexual harassment.

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Still, experts say the recent interview reveals more about the Cains' marriage than Gloria Cain's trust in her husband.

"It's clear she loves her husband and she genuinely believes he's a good guy," Wood says. "She constantly uses his first name, which shows her affection for him. But, at the end of the interview, when she says for a final time, 'I know Herman' she gulps like she is gulping down a fear that she doesn't know everything."

Meyers points out Gloria Cain's reluctance to completely deny the allegations against her husband.

"We want her to simply say 'Herman never did this,' but instead she speaks abstractly about the Herman she knows. She did not portray herself as a woman who is on top of what is going on in her husband's life," Meyers says.

Wood adds that Gloria Cain makes a peculiar comment about how her husband would "have to have a split personality" to have acted in the way the women have alleged, which leaves the audience to question whether she knows all sides of Herman Cain.

On several occasions Gloria Cain points to the past to defend her husbands' character saying "that wasn't part of Herman's behavior" or sharing anecdotes about the couple's past rather than describing how he acts today.

Wood says a few slip-ups even reveal that Gloria Cain still has doubts about her husband's total innocence.

When Gloria Cain says 'Now that one I am totally convinced did not happen,' referring to the televised press conference at which Sharon Bialek accused Cain of groping her, Wood says " It makes you wonder, well what were you on the other allegations? Partially convinced? "

How much of a boost Gloria Cain's comments will give his presidential campaign is a question and already the Cain campaign has been rocked with a viral video of him stumbling over a question regarding President Obama's handling of the Libyan uprising.