Inside Israel's Attack Plan on Iran's Nukes

Iran's nuclear program may be a more imminent threat to Israel than previously expected.

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Since Israel doesn't share a border with Iran, its leaders will also have to decide where to fly the planes to carry out such attacks. Experts say that recent tensions between Turkey and Israel could rule out a northern route into Iran, and flying the shortest distance across—over Jordan and Iraq—may also be difficult now that the Iraqis control their own airspace.

The most likely option, Berman says, may be flying south and then west over Saudi Arabia, if the Saudis, who are also worried about Iran's nuclear program, give their permission or at the very least are willing to look the other way.

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Israel's military strategy will also necessarily include defensive measures against retaliation by Iran.

"If you look at Israeli homeland security planning, I think they've pretty much internalized those risks," he says. "They know what Hezbollah is capable of. They know what Iran is capable of asymmetrically. They're not sanguine about it, but depending on how grave they see the threat from Iran, those are acceptable risks."

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