Companies Must Play a Vital Role in STEM Education

Corporations' futures are in jeopardy unless the STEM crisis is solved.


• Expansion of the Chemical Education Foundation: National You Be the Chemist Challenge, which engages fifth- through eighth-grade students in learning about chemistry concepts, discoveries, and chemical safety. Dow is committing $1.2 million to the CEF to expand the program from 20 to 30 states over the next three years. 

Not taking full advantage of our nation's science and technology enterprise will impact future prosperity for the United States and science and technology companies due to the thinning pipeline of world-class talent. Make no mistake--the future of industry could be at stake if there isn't enough "human capital" to power it forward. 

Whether through encouraging a love of STEM topics in the next generation, facilitating teacher development, or offering vocational training, companies that have a vested interest in the future of manufacturing have a vital role to play in expanding and advancing STEM education in the United States.