10 Cities With the Best and Worst Drivers

These cities have the nation’s best--and worst-- drivers, according to a new survey.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Americans got into 10.2 million motor vehicle accidents in 2008, the last year for which data are available. Although that number has been trending downward over the past several years, car accidents are the leading cause of death for young Americans. 

The average American gets into a car accident once every 10 years, but certain cities are particularly perilous, according to insurance company Allstate's newly released best drivers report, which ranks drivers in America's 200 largest cities according to car accident frequency. 

If you're looking to stay safe, avoid the beltways of the mid-Atlantic—drivers in Washington, D.C., average a car accident every 4.8 years, and drivers in Baltimore average an accident every 5.3 years, the two most frequent accident rates of any cities. Drivers in nearby Alexandria, Va., don't fare much better—their drivers are the 10th worst in America, crashing an average of once every 6.4 years.

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Other cities along the I-95 corridor also made the list: Drivers in New York suburbs Newark and Jersey City, N.J., crash 70.8 percent and 57.5 percent more often than the average American, respectively, and drivers in Philadelphia are the nation's sixth-worst, crashing once every 6.2 years. 

Instead, head west. Drivers in Fort Collins, Colo., crash just once every 14 years, and drivers in Boise, Idaho, crash every 13.4 years. With just over a quarter-million residents, Lincoln, Neb., is the most populous city in the top 10—its drivers crash only once every 12.9 years, good for third on the list.

[View a slideshow of the 10 cities with the best drivers.]