5 Reasons Sarah Palin Will Get the 2012 GOP Nod

Signs point to a 2012 run for the former vice presidential candidate.


3) Her Family

The extended Palin family is a bit of a freak show. Does the GOP want a rerun of all those pesky stories about out-of-wedlock babies. ex-fiancés, and all from 2008? Nah. [See photos of Palin and her family.]

4) Her lucrative career

With her book and her TV gig, as well as speechifying around the country, Palin has laid down a track record that might make her vulnerable to attack from fellow Republicans, not to mention Democrats.

5) She won't decide to run

No one can know what she is really thinking, but all the latest news could just be a head fake to build more buzz for brand Palin. It worked for Donald Trump. She may be taking notes.

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