Quiz: The Navy SEALs

Test your knowledge of the Navy's elite force.

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  1. What year were the Navy SEALs officially established?
  2. What does SEAL stand for?
  3. Approximately how many members of the Navy are SEALs?
  4. Which of these mottos is often associated with the Navy SEALs?
  5. True or false: A college degree is a requirement to become a Navy SEAL.
  6. What is the approximate dropout rate for Navy SEAL training?
  7. True or false: In order to become a Navy SEAL, one must be male and a United States citizen.
  8. What is the common name of the team that captured Osama bin Laden?
  9. What was the name of the operation that resulted in the death of bin Laden?
  10. In which state is the SEAL team that captured bin Laden based?

Corrected on 05/19/11: An earlier version of this article had an incorrect answer.