Alabama Governor Says Tornadoes Caused Massive Devastation

Robert Bentley has sought federal assistance to help with recovery.

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Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said the hundreds of tornadoes that hit his state made for the worst natural disaster in years. The governor told CBS News that there has been massive devastation, especially across the northern part of the state, and 128 people have been confirmed dead. Bentley said Alabama's top priority is continuing to search for and rescue the missing. The state has dispatched 2,000 national guardsmen to aid in the search and rescue. First responders are also spread throughout the state. The next priority for Alabama, Bentley said, is to restore power. On Wednesday night, Bentley spoke with President Obama who assured the governor that help would be en route immediately. Bentley said he is confident the state will receive enough federal resources to recover but noted "we have some tremendous first responders in the state, and they're doing an outstanding job."

--Caitlin Huey-Burns