NATO Is Yet to See Significant Results in Libya

The airstrikes have not brought major gains to rebel forces.


NATO airstrikes in Libya, which began over a month ago, have yet to remove Qadhafi or bring significant gains to rebel forces. On Monday, war planes demolished a building in Qadhafi's compound in Tripoli, an attack his supporters called an assassination attempt. But NATO denies trying to kill Qadhafi. In light of this, the African Union says the U.N. resolution 1973, which is designed to solely protect civilians, must be implemented. Meanwhile, a representative of the rebel forces in Libya told Reuters that a peace agreement with Qadhafi would be nearly impossible. "He is not a man of peace," he said. "He is a man of war and violence." British and U.S. officials met to discuss how to put more pressure on Qadhafi. Britain's defense secretary Liam Fox said some progress has been made in Misrata. "It's very clear that the regime is on the back foot," Fox said. "He is a liability for his people and his country, and the sooner that he gets this message, the better."

-Caitlin Huey-Burns