Quiz: The Democratic Party

Test your knowledge of the older of the two major parties.

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  1. Who were the main opponents of the Democratic Party in its early years?
  2. Which of these 19th-century hot topics was not supported by the Democrats?
  3. Which of these presidents was not a member of the Democratic Party?
  4. Where was the first Democratic National Convention held in 1832?
  5. True or false: 1976 was the last time a Democratic presidential nominee won Alabama, Mississippi, or Texas.
  6. During which of these time periods did the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House?
  7. True or false: 25 of the 43 men to hold the presidency have been Democrats.
  8. What animal besides the donkey is sometimes used to represent the party?
  9. Who was recently named chair of the Democratic Party?
  10. What year was the Democratic National Committee founded?