Answers: Presidential Transportation

Test your knowledge of the ways the president gets around.

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1. Who was the first president to use a helicopter for official transport?

C. Dwight Eisenhower

2. What year did the first female pilot transport the president in his helicopter?

D. 2008

3. What kind of car was the first official presidential automobile, used during William Howard Taft's presidency?

B. White Model M

4. True or false: The official presidential limousine is often transported overseas when the president is traveling abroad.


5. Who drives the presidential limo?

A. A Secret Service agent

6. What is the common nickname of Barack Obama's official limousine?

B. The Beast

7. What was the name of the yacht that served presidents from 1933 to 1977?

D. USS Sequoia

8. What is the call sign for a Marine Corps aircraft carrying the vice president?

B. Marine Two

9. Which facility is the home operations base for the president's aircraft?

B. Joint Base Andrews

10. True or false: Any Air Force aircraft transporting the president carries the "Air Force One" radio call sign.