Quiz: The United States Secret Service

Test your knowledge of the origin of this agency, its responsibilities, and more.

  1. What year was the United States Secret Service established?
  2. What was the original purpose of the Secret Service?
  3. For most of its existence, the Secret Service was part of which department?
  4. One Secret Service officer has been killed while protecting a president; which president was he guarding?
  5. True or false: The Secret Service protects all presidential candidates.
  6. Presidents who took office following a 1997 change in the law are protected for how many years after leaving office?
  7. Who was the first president to receive full-time Secret Service security detail?
  8. What was the original name of the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service?
  9. Which film centers on a Secret Service agent and a would-be assassin?
  10. True or false: American citizenship is a requirement to join the Secret Service.

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