Peru Could See First Female President

Keiko Fujimori has been first lady of Peru before, and now is running for president.


Keiko Fujimori has been the first lady of Peru before, though her path was far from traditional. Her father, Alberto Fujimori, divorced her mother while he was Peru’s president, making Keiko, then a teenager, the country’s first lady. The elder Fujimori’s tenure as president was as tumultuous as it was controversial. At the height of a corruption scandal in 2000, 10 years after he first took office, Fujimori fled to Japan. He was later convicted and sent to prison back in Peru for a variety of crimes, including embezzlement, murder, kidnapping, and human rights abuses during the country’s fight against the Shining Path guerilla group. Yet Fujimori remains immensely popular among many Peruvians. That helps explain why his 35-year-old daughter is running second in the current presidential contest, a race that’s now in a runoff. She would be the country’s first female president.