Quiz: In Washington's Lobby

Test your knowledge of the lobbying game.

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  1. Which industry spent the most money on lobbying efforts in 2010?
  2. Which current state governor was previously a lobbyist for tobacco giants R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris?
  3. Scandal-plagued lobbyist Jack Abramoff was primarily known for lobbying for which interest group?
  4. Which current senator returned nearly $19,000 in contributions given by Abramoff in late 2005?
  5. Which of these organizations is not connected to or affiliated with conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist?
  6. Which of these major advocacy groups was founded the earliest?
  7. Which of these satirical political novels focuses on a lobbyist?
  8. What Washington, D.C., street serves as a nickname for the lobbying industry?