U.N.'s Libya No-Fly Zone Likely to Begin With Airstrikes

The United States military is likely to play a central role in the U.N.-approved mission.


The U.N. approved no-fly zone over Libya will begin with airstrikes against Qadhafi's air defense networks and it is likely to begin "violently," CBS reports. Britain, France, and some Arab countries will be involved, but the United States will play the central role in the no fly zone, as the missiles used are likely to be American missiles. The U.N. resolution that passed Thursday does not authorize an occupation force, and having American troops on the ground has been ruled out, reports CBS. With the U.N. having acted, it is up to the United States and other countries with air power in Libya to move forward. The resolution also calls for an immediate cease fire. CBS received reports that Qadhafi has already violated that order by "continuing to shell" one of the few remaining rebel controlled towns in Libya.