Gas Prices Soar to $3.51 a Gallon

The unrest in the Middle East is causing gas prices to go up in the United States.

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The political unrest that has spread in the Middle East is causing gasoline prices in the United States to soar. The average rice for a gallon of gas is now $3.51, up 33 cents in two weeks and an increase of 78 cents from a year ago. The rise in gas prices is prompting the federal government to think about tapping into the nation's oil reserves. "The issue of the reserves is one we are considering," White House chief of staff William Daley told NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday. "I think there's no one who doubts that the uncertainty in the Middle East right now has caused this tremendous increase in the last number of weeks." The reserves could supply the nation with gasoline for  a couple of months, but critics say the oil reserve should be saved for an emergency.