10 Things You Didn't Know About Mitch Daniels

The Republican governor of Indiana is a potential 2012 presidential candidate.


Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels

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1. Mitchell Elias Daniels Jr. was born on April 7, 1949, in Monongahela, Pa., to Mitchell and Dorothy Daniels. The family moved to Indiana in 1959.

2. Daniels graduated from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in 1971. During his junior year, he was arrested and convicted on marijuana possession charges. He spent two nights in jail and paid a fine.

3. In 1976, he successfully ran Richard Lugar's Senate campaign and went on to serve as the GOP senator's chief of staff until 1982. While in college, Daniels had interned for Lugar, who was then mayor of Indianapolis.

4. Daniels married Cheri Herman in 1978. The couple divorced in 1994 but remarried in 1997. They have four daughters.

5. Daniels graduated from Georgetown University's school of law in 1979.

6. After directing the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Daniels served as President Reagan's chief political adviser until 1987.

7. In 1990, Daniels joined pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly & Co. as vice president of corporate affairs and became senior vice president of corporate strategy and policy in 1997.

8. In 2001, Daniels became President Bush's Office of Management and Budget director. Bush nicknamed him "The Blade" because of his budget cutting prowess. He stepped down in 2003 to run for governor.

9. Daniels was elected governor in 2004, defeating incumbent Gov. Joe Kernan with 53 percent of the vote.

10. Daniels successfully pushed the state legislature to adopt daylight savings time in the state in 2005.