Answers: Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Test your knowledge of presidential birthdays.


1. What is the official name of the federal holiday that will be celebrated on Monday, Feb. 21, 2011?

A. Washington's Birthday

2. What month is the most common for presidential birthdays, containing six?

C. October

3. Who is the only president born on the fourth of July?

B. Calvin Coolidge

4. Which of these sets of presidents were born in the same year?

D. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

5. Which of these presidents was not born a United States citizen?

B. William Henry Harrison (He was born before the Revolutionary War)

6. Who was the first president to be born in the 20th century?

D. John F. Kennedy

7. Who was the first president to be born in the month of June?

D. George W. Bush

8. When was George Washington's actual birthday?

C. Feb. 22, 1732

9. True or false: Abraham Lincoln's birthday falls four days after George Washington's.

False. It's 10 days earlier.