New Jersey Gov. Christie Visits Washington, Discusses the National Debt

Chris Christie addresses the national debt and entitlement reform.


In a visit to Washington on Wednesday, Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accused members of Congress of not adequately addressing the national debt. In a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, Christie said, "Here's the truth that no one is talking about: you're going to have to raise the retirement age for social security." He also joked about what he sees as Congress's failure to talk openly about the debt problem and entitlement reform. "Oh I just said it, and I'm still standing here. I did not vaporize into the carpeting. And I said it. We have to reform Medicare because it costs too much and it is going to bankrupt us. Once again, lightning did not come through the windows and strike me dead." Christie, considered a rising GOP star and serving his first term as governor, took issue with the political climate among lawmakers in Washington. "My children's future and your children's future is more important than some political strategy," he said. "What game is being played down here is irresponsible and dangerous."