Sessions Is Worried About Entitlement Spending

The Alabama senator addresses Americans' fears attached to reforms.


Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions said he is "really worried" about the atmosphere on Capitol Hill when it comes to finding common ground on entitlement reform. "It's not a good situation," he told CBS on Tuesday. Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, addressed the fears attached to Social Security and Medicare reforms and said Americans "don't have to prepare to lose significant benefits. If we start now and we do the right thing today and work together, we can reform Social Security and Medicare." Sessions said it's not "politically difficult to do the right thing," referring to these reforms, but noted that Obama's Chief of Staff William Daley and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have both criticized Republicans' plans to cut spending, complicating the issue. But Sessions pointed to North Dakota Democrat and Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad as one "who is open to some improvement."