The Secrets to Job Growth in Salt Lake City

Mayor Ralph Becker talks about what keeps his city strong despite high unemployment across the country.

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Are there particular areas in which you anticipate future job growth in Salt Lake City?

In the healthcare and health sciences area, we are seeing an enormous expansion. Our tech industry is doing well, and in the transportation arena on the governmental side, with the changes and the investments we're making as a community, it's really transforming the mobility options not just in Salt Lake City, but in the whole region.

For example, we have one of the largest rail developments in the country going on. And now with a grant that we just received from the U.S. Department of Transportation in October, [we're starting] the redevelopment of a streetcar system in Salt Lake City. We're really from a governmental side transforming the way people are able to easily get around our community. That, I think, holds great promise for us, because so much of our quality of life experience revolves around how we get around and how easy and how accessible that is. Those changes, I think, are exemplary of what's happening in Salt Lake City and the region that is positioning us well going forward.

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