University Says 'No' to Bristol Palin Speech

Washington University in St. Louis canceled an appearance by Bristol Palin.

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After a wave of student protests, the Washington University in St. Louis cancelled an appearance by Bristol Palin on campus. Palin had been slated to speak about teen pregnancy and abstinence on a panel during the school's Student Sexual Responsibility Week. The 20-year-old Palin, whose own teen pregnancy became a national issue during her mother's 2008 vice presidential run, had been invited by the student health advisory committee. But students protested, arguing they didn't want to pay for Palin to speak using student funds. The Washington University College Democrats created a Facebook page to encourage students to protest Palin's speaking engagement, stating, "The Democrats and our friends, liberals, Republicans, and abstinent individuals alike, believe this is an irresponsible use of Washington University resources..."