Quiz: The Life and Times of Ronald Reagan

Test your knowledge of the 40th president.

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  1. Where was Ronald Reagan born?
  2. Reagan met his first wife Jane Wyman on the set of what film?
  3. In 1946, Reagan became president of what entertainment industry group?
  4. True or false: Reagan is the only president to be married more than once.
  5. Which politician's father was Reagan's opponent in his 1966 run for governor of California?
  6. True or false: At 69, Reagan was the oldest person ever elected president.
  7. Which of these politicians served in Reagan's cabinet?
  8. How many states did Reagan win in the 1984 presidential election?
  9. After the failed nominations of Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg, who did Reagan successfully name to the Supreme Court?
  10. What was Reagan's approval rating when he left office?