Quiz: The House's New Republican Class

Test your knowledge of the new Republican House majority.

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  1. Wisconsin Republican Sean Duffy spent a season on which reality show?
  2. What state does Republican Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, represent in Congress?
  3. In an unsuccessful bid for Georgia governor, what did Republican Austin Scott do in 2009 to draw attention to his campaign?
  4. Which Republican is filling the seat held for the past 28 years by West Virginia Democrat Alan Mollohan?
  5. New Jersey Republican Jon Runyan played nine seasons on which NFL team?
  6. True or false: Michigan Republican Justin Amash, at the age of 30, is the youngest member of Congress.
  7. Which newly elected GOPer previously served in the House from 2003 to 2009?
  8. Which of these states does not have a Republican representative in the House?
  9. How many of the 93 new House members are Republicans?